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Jared Dudley has savage clapback at Twitter troll

Celebrities are no strangers to the viciousness of social media trolls, and Twitter is nothing if not a hotbed of this straight-up mess. But as a tormentor of Brooklyn Nets power forward Jared Dudley found out the hard way, he is not the one to try.

It all started when a Twitter user who goes by @scottiefuego questioned why Dudley and Portland Trail Blazers small forward Evan Turner even get any time on the court:

But this was not the day for Jared Dudley, who quickly clapped back with a response:

For what it’s worth, Dudley isn’t exactly a slouch on the court these days. The veteran forward is an important role player for the Nets, and he really showed what he is made of when the Nets faced off against the Lakers on Dec. 18 and came home with a victory of 115-110.

The Nets have won nine of their last 10 games, with Wednesday night’s victory over the Charlotte Hornets a thriller in double overtime.

For Dudley, the recent success the young team has enjoyed has to do with belief:

“I think confidence is growing for us. We have a couple days off, but we’re right here in the thick of things. Belief is huge for a young team,” he told the New York Post.

Jared Dudley and the Nets will try to keep their hot streak going against the Hornets on Friday.

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