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Kenneth Faried clears up Instagram mess after liking negative post about Jared Dudley

A scandal involving Kenneth Faried and Jared Dudley of the Brooklyn Nets is another example of the social media perils for professional athletes. Faried liked Instagram comments that spoke negatively about his teammate. Dudley is ahead of Faried in head coach Kenny Atkinson’s rotations and the comments caught the attention of fans and media alike.

But Faried downplayed the “likes” and said that it was a mistake and he never meant to disrespect Dudley. Faried told Mike Scotto of The Athletic.

“Yeah, I just went down to the Brooklyn page and liked my friend’s comments. I didn’t even look at the comments. I don’t read comments because people talk about me in a negative way too. So, I saw what happened, and I went to go unlike it because that’s disrespectful and I Didn’t mean to disrespect my teammate like that by liking it. But, I just like my friend’s comments like I said. You can see who I follow, and you can look and see, oh, I follow these people. So I went to the page. It was like oh usually they’re saying something positive about me, so I just like it. It wasn’t like nothing against Jared, no disrespect against him. It’s a like. It’s not like I went and wrote something about him or said something disrespectful. No. It was just a like. I apologize, again. It’s nothing other than that.”

The explanation makes some sense and this story has almost run its course. Did Faried truly like the comment without reading it? We may never know.

That being said, there’s no doubt that Faried is frustrated with his role on the Nets. The forward has only seen action in eight games and he’s yet to see many meaningful minutes in those games. His frustration is understandable.

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