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Nets vs. Clippers: Crabbe, Allen, and Atkinson Top Quotes

See what the Nets had to say after their 127-119 loss to the Clippers.


On lesson of the game:

“I thought we competed. We played hard and gave them a darn good game. We’re just not at that point where we get over the hump. Obviously frustrated on a back-to-back. That’s the next step for us, to come back after a good victory like we had in Washington, come back here and get a win. We had it. We had our opportunities, just couldn’t close it out.”

On Allen Crabbe:

“I think he showed spark tonight. I loved his energy. Not only shot the ball well but I thought he drove to the basket. Thought his energy was great. That’s really good news for us because we obviously need him. Good game by him tonight.””

On Jarrett Allen:

“Fantastic. He’s all over the place. I should have played him more. He was really good. Both boards. His offensive rebounding has been unexpected and a pleasant surprise. If he can keep that up it’s really going to help us.”


On career high 24 points:

“Just thanking my teammates. They kept looking for me in the first quarter and all throughout the game. Really just pick and rolls.”

On Clippers runs:

“If you looked at the whole game, we’re up by 10, they come back a little bit and then we go up by 10. It’s really just a back-and-forth game and then they finally get over the hump in the fourth quarter and win it.”

On LA’s Montrezl Harrell (16 points):

“Just look at Harrell all throughout college and now, he’s just been the energy guy. He’s strong, know how to use his strength. That’s just really how he plays his game and he played it wonderfully.”


On Clippers runs:

“I liked the way we competed. Think we gave ourselves a chance. First three quarters we played great. Just feel like that last quarter they out-competed it. They made more plays than us and they came out with the W.”

On 15-point game:

“That slump that I’ve been in, it’s always good to see the ball go through the hoop. Just kept firing it. It’s all about sticking with it. That’s the only way you’re going to get out of a slump. Coaching staff tells me to keep shooting. Nobody’s telling me to stop. Just got to keep at it until it clicks. Hopefully this game gets it in the right direction.”

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