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Nets vs. Knicks: Hollis-Jefferson, Allen and Atkinson Top Quotes

See what the Nets had to say after their 112-104 win against the Knicks.


On the key to win:

Physicality. I thought we were the more aggressive team and we haven’t been against the Knicks. Credit to them. I felt over the past two years they’ve kind of dominated us physically and I thought our guys were ready for the challenge and our defense was outstanding. I thought we did a good job on Timmy. Kanter hurt us a little but overall defense was excellent.”

On the last two games:

“When you look back, it’s stick with what you do. I think that’s a lesson. (Eight) losses in a row, we didn’t start changing things and moving things around. I thought we kept with our habits, kept with our process. Happy we stayed with it, but the emotions, listen, we were down and out there, (eight) losses in a row. To get these two wins, let’s put it this way, my Sunday’s going to be a heck of a lot better. We call it a Q of L win, quality of life, when you feel a little better, everything tastes a little better.”

On the fourth quarter:

“Toughness and experience. It’s not just tough. You’ve got to play smart. The Knicks were all over the place. They started trapping us. All of sudden they have a different defense than which you’re used to. They started switching everything. Credit to Dave for mucking up the game there. That’s where you’ve got to have a cerebral team that makes good plays and for the most part we did make the smart plays near the end.”


On shooting 3-pointers:

“Man, I’ve definitely been shooting a lot. It feels good to knock ’em down and be able to shoot them. Day-in and day-out you see yourself just putting up a lot of shots. And some days they don’t go in. A lot of them. To see them go in in a game when it really counts man, words can’t describe. I’m just going to keep shooting them.”

On out rebounding the Knicks:

“Physicality, man. Physicality at the end of the day. Staying locked in. Knowing that Kanter, Vonleh, these guys are going to crash. Robinson, these guys are going to crash and they’re gonna crash resilient, they’re gonna crash aggressive, they’re gonna push us in the back. Just staying locked in and knowing they’re gonna do that, let’s him them first and that’s the mindset we came in today.”

On defense:

“I know a lot of people pray on the three-ball, but defense I believe still wins championships. At the end of the day that’s something I always took pride in something I always loved to do. Hopefully the guys rally behind it, they pick up and they play hard and aggressive like I do. It’s something we all as a unit have to believe in. Defense is going to help us get over the hump, whether it’s transition, whether it’s half-court, we’ve got to love it.”


On interior defense and rebounding:

“I would say from just going off what coach is preaching. Going out there with a hard mentality trying to box out playing against Kanter tonight for being a good offensive rebounder so I had to bring that mentality. Real eager. Broke the losing streak last night so we wanted to keep it going tonight and we went out there and showed we could bring the same energy two nights in a row.”

On players-only film session:

“It was just players coming together. The players are out on the court. The coaches aren’t playing the game for us. So just having us all together talking about our mistakes without the coaches intervening from the point of view, I’d say that brought us together more.”

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