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Nets vs. Mavericks: Davis, Russell, and Atkinson Top Quotes

See what the Nets had to say after their 104-92 win over the Heat.


On second-half comeback:

“We gave ourselves an opportunity. I thought the first half we weren’t locked in. Our defense was sub-par. We obviously weren’t making shots. But our defense was poor. But I thought the second half we were much better. We were a shot or two from making it a really tight game. Disappointed in the loss, but again, thought our second half was better.”

On starting Rondae Hollis-Jefferson in second half:

“I think it was a matchup thing. I think when a guy on the other team has got it going, we have Rondae as our ace in the hole there. I think Rondae’s starting to play better. I think we got some guys back on this trip that were struggling a little bit. Put Rondae in that category too.”

On Dallas rookie Luka Doncic:

“First time I saw him, very impressed. Can’t believe how calm, cool and collected he is. He plays at his pace. You can’t dictate his pace. He gets where he wants on the court. Obviously has great size. We were making a comeback, he hit some tough shots. I thought he hit a couple daggers where I thought we played great defense. That’s what the really good ones do. They make tough shots when they’re guarded. I was very, very impressed with him tonight.”


On Allen Crabbe:

“Big time. Definitely capable. It’s good to see him making shots and getting that rhythm back. It makes us that much more dangerous.”

On early-season schedule:

“Honestly, it’s the NBA. So as far as far as scheduling goes, it’s something you can’t control. Something you shouldn’t really dwell on. We try to prepare as best we can and show up and compete for these games. Schedule’s out of our hands.”


On 17-point game:

“Jarrett got in foul trouble with 10:30 left in the first quarter. I was just trying to come in with energy, trying to help the team, pick up and try and do some of the things that JA does out there.”

On busy road schedule:

“It’s the NBA. Nobody feels sorry for you if you’re on a back-to-back, if you played four in five. Every team goes through it. It’s not like we’re getting this unfair schedule. It might be a tough stretch in our schedule. But it’s the NBA. There’s no excuses about being tired, or back-to-back. Nobody cares about your feelings in the NBA. Everybody’s trying to beat you. That’s our mentality.”

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