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Nets vs. Pistons: Dinwiddie, Harris and Atkinson Top Quotes

See what the Nets had to say after their 120-119 overtime win against the Pistons.


On the win:

“We were just resilient. Resilient team. We fought through a lot of missed opportunities. Felt like we had a bunch of opportunities to close it out and we just kept fighting. The last defensive stop was kind of indicative of our toughness tonight. Caris comes up with huge rebound at the end. Spencer gets caught in a switch against one of the best players in the league and does a heck of a job. That’s kind of the picture I leave from this game.”

On defending Detroit’s final shot:

“We got more aggressive. The last play it was obvious, we switched everything. Instead of giving up that mid-range shot, we kind of stepped up our bigs and made them see our big. We didn’t want them to get mid-range shots off, so that was a bit of a change.”

On Rondae Hollis-Jefferson:

“We needed a Blake Griffin stopper. He slowed him down. Just his size, his ability. They run pick and roll for Blake now at the end of the game, which is amazing. This is kind of the new NBA, so to have Rondae, our 6-7, 7-foot-3 wingspan defender, on him, it’s a huge help. And then I thought he rolled to the rim a few times. He made a couple plays out of the roll that were huge. He was outstanding on both ends. He’s obviously a big part of what we do, so we’ll see more of him as he gets healthier and healthier.”

On the first half:

“Going into halftime, I was not pleased. I know we were down six or eight, but we were not playing well. We started out gangbusters. We were outstanding. I think we were up 27-12, and then the wheels fell off. We made some substitutions and then tumbled from there. By halftime, we were just very disappointed in our play. We let them know about it. And to their credit, they turned it around.”


On defending the final shot by Blake Griffin:

“We caught the switch. I believe it was seven seconds or so when they started running the play. They caught the switch, tried to back me down, I lift, so credit Dan Meehan on that, you know, and then obviously I saw the second back down, lift again, and he peeked at the clock, I had a pretty good idea it was running down. So when he turned, he only had one option to shoot it so I was able to get a good contest. It’s more a product of probably the condensed time period versus me just stopping Blake. If you gave him unlimited dribbles and a full shot clock, I’m sure he’d probably back me down to the basket.”

On the importance of the win:

“That was the only thing that made this win really big for us was because of the losing streak. Because of what we’re fighting for and trying to be a good team and trying to change the tide of Nets teams of the past. You’ve got to learn to get out of a rut quickly, because they can string together and it can affect morale.”

On confidence:

“When I step on the floor every night, in between those lines for the 20 or 30 or 48 minutes or however long, I believe I’m the best player on the floor. So, I carry that with me. That’s the type of chip on my shoulder that I have. That’s the type of mentality I have. And then when I step off, I’m just me. You know what I mean? I feel like that’s the approach you have to have.”


On Spencer Dinwiddie and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson:

“Spencer had gotten hot there at the end of the game. We wanted the ball in his hands. We wanted him to get downhill, try and facilitate. He was doing a good job just getting downhill to the rim, making plays for himself and other guys. And the same thing with Rondae too, to be honest. Rondae was the one that found me twice in the overtime period and we were just able to knock down shots.”

On battling back:

“We were frustrated at halftime when we came in, and then we came out and we didn’t necessarily do a great job of executing, trying to dig in to that lead. That third quarter we didn’t even really chip away at it hardly at all. But we stuck with it. Everybody stayed positive. It helps when you’ve got guys like DeMarre, Jared Dudley, Ed Davis kind of leading us and keeping the team focused and not panicking and getting tight.”

On winning a close game:

“It’s huge for us just in terms of the maturation of everyone. We’ve been in this experience a lot. A lot of close games last year. A lot of close games to start this season. So for us to close one out, execute down the stretch, take care of the ball, execute defensively, I think it’s just huge in terms of confidence for us and a big morale boost whenever you can get a win like this.”

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