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Nets vs. Sixers: Russell, Harris and Atkinson Top Quotes

See what the Nets had to say after their 127-125 loss to the Sixers.


On the result:

“It’s a shame. Heck of a basketball game. I thought our guys competed. They led for most of the game and it’s one of those you think you deserve to win it and they pull it out at the end. But listen, credit to them. They hit some tough shots, obviously (Jimmy Butler’s) shot at the end was a heck of a shot. We got our best defender (Rondae Hollis-Jefferson) on him, so be it.”

On D’Angelo Russell:

“It’s more his usage has gone up obviously with Caris out. He’s got the ball in his hands a lot more. I’m proud of him. I thought he struggled last couple of games and he really came back and was the reason, big reason, we were ahead most of the game. He had a fantastic game.”

On starting Rondae Hollis-Jefferson:

“Just a feel. And a little bit the matchups. Getting him and Simmons matched up, I thought that was important. It was more feel. I thought he played really well.”


On the result:

“It’s tough. We played 45 minutes of that game and lost it to that one shot, but we gave ourselves a chance. Ending it like that, you can’t really dwell on that type of loss. You have guys capable of making those shots day in and day out in this league.”

On offensive performance:

“Whatever I can do help the team win. They were giving me what they gave me on the offensive end. I got to choose where I wanted to shoot and make shots. But just as far as overall, just doing whatever I have to do.”

On the Sixers:

“You can’t take away Joel dominating the block, Ben getting downhill, Jimmy Butler everywhere, JJ Redick shooting the ball, you can’t take away everything. Figure out, watch the game tape, figure out, see how we can prepare next time.”


On the result:

“It’s a tough loss because we put together what was really a quality three-and-a-half quarters, really 40 minutes or so. But like you said, this is the NBA. They have talented players. The game goes in runs. We didn’t get stops when we needed to and they capitalized on the mental mistakes on our end, whether was defensively or offensively, just taking bad shots or turning the ball over.”

On Jimmy Butler:

“Great players make plays down the stretch. He obviously was able to capitalize. Again, whether it was miscommunication on our end defensively and just him making tough shots. Big time plays. He’s obviously a great player and has been for a long time in this league. He’s not going to be silent for the whole game. We did a good job on him through three quarters but that’s not going to work in this league. You have got to be consistent for all four.”

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