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Nets vs. Warriors: Top Quotes from Russell, LeVert and Atkinson

See what the Nets had to say after their 120-114 loss to the Warriors.


On the comeback:

“I felt like we did get stronger as the game went on. I thought the guys really kind of made a second push. I thought it was a good effort the second half. Listen, the crowd wasn’t pleased with our first half, the coach wasn’t pleased, the players weren’t pleased. At halftime, it wasn’t pleasant in there. I don’t think we played up to our capabilities. Just to see us play Nets basketball in the second half gives us some encouragement going into the next game.”

On defending Curry & Durant:

“Durant came off and hit all those midrange shots – and normally we’d say we’d live with those midrange shots. But not with him, and not with Curry. We said this is a little different, those guys are very efficient midrange shooters. So we made the adjustment. I thought it bothered them a little bit. So it’s definitely something we can look at going forward, especially late game; you don’t want to give even an open midrange. I thought Jarrett did a great job with the switches. It gives us more confidence to do it more.”

On second-half effort:

“I liked the defensive effort, especially on the boards. This team, you can’t give them multiple shots. I know they didn’t have a ton of offensive rebounds, but I thought there were three or four that they just outhustled us. You’re just not going to have a chance, you’re going to be down 20 against a talented team like that. I thought we did a much better job with the 50-50 balls, our rebounding. It was a much better effort. That’s why we were in the game and had a chance.”


On defending Golden State:

“They don’t really have too many weaknesses. Each possession you’re trying to figure it out, but by the time the shots went up from halfcourt or a step in, so you’ve got to really get over it. They’re going to make tough shots. Get your offense flowing on the other end and look forward to playing defense the next possession. But their weaknesses are limited.”

On defending Curry:

“Guarding him, you can’t really guard him by the rules. Whatever the game plan is or whatever you decide to do at the point of the screen, all bets are off. You’ve got to do what you feel. He’s one of those players in the league that, he’s unguardable at times. Just being aggressive and communicating is the only way out.”


On close games:

“With the games that we’ve been having, all of them are coming down to a couple possession games. We’re getting a lot of experience in those situations, so we’re growing for sure.”

On the comeback:

“It started with the second unit at the end of the third quarter. They made a decision to cut the lead, and then I think when we got in the game, we just wanted to cut it even more and make it as close as possible. It started with Spencer and Shabazz just pushing the pace, getting stops and getting as many shots up as we could.”

On teammates’ confidence:

“I think when your team has a great deal of confidence in you, that grows your confidence as well, and they’ve shown a great deal of confidence in me. Just when you’re out there, just giving me the ball in certain situations, you can just feel it. I appreciate it and I’m going to keep growing in those areas.”

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