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Nets vs. Wizards: Harris, Dinwiddie and Atkinson Top Quotes

See what the Nets had to say after their 125-118 win against the Washington Wizards.


On the win:

“Good job closing it out. I thought our execution at the end of the game was good on both ends. Not giving up threes, up nin, up 10, and being disciplined, not fouling. And then our offense, I thought we executed at the end. We had a couple of beautiful, we call them play with the pass highlights, where guys had a good shot and they threw it one more and had great shots.”

On Rodions Kurucs:

“Thirty minutes. I thought he hit two big shots when we were struggling, I believe in the third quarter. He hit a long two and then a three. We were struggling and they were starting to come back. Just all around, his energy and his athleticism is a big plus. He just keeps doing it, keeps surprising.”

On offense:

“Take what the defense gives you. I think they’re closing out hard on us. They played small a lot. They didn’t have a shot-blocked in there. We drove the heck out of it. In some games it’s a drive game and tonight was that game. We still want the threes, but we’re not saying, ‘oh, we have to have this many threes.’ It’s really, how’s the defense playing us. Are we making the right reads? I thought tonight we turned down some threes when they closed out on us hard and got to the rim a ton.”


On key to game:

“We got just enough stops. We went to a no-three defense … we stopped them just enough times. Obviously they got some layups at the end, but that’s kind of what we were willing to give up because we felt like threes only hurt us. Credit Joe Harris. He hit two really big shots at the end of the shot clock that were pretty much the nails in the coffin.”

On turning streak around:

“Players only, baby; players only film session. (Jared Dudley) did a wonderful job in the film session of just helping us out. It also spurred some communication. Now we’re kind of rolling a little bit. Let’s keep it going. Let’s never get too high or too low.”

On Brooklyn Brigade:

“I didn’t hear the extension chant. I know when I say that you’re going to think I’m lying. I did however hear the ‘three more years’ chant this game. It felt good for sure. It doesn’t affect your play. They don’t control whether I make or miss free throws. It did feel good.”


On closing out game:

“Well, we had the lead. I think we were up 18, 20 at one point and obviously teams are going to make runs. This is the NBA, everybody is capable of playing in large swings. They came out in the fourth quarter, seems like the momentum was shifting a little bit. We just did a good job of keeping our composure, executing on both ends and then knocking down shots and making plays.”

On lessons from losing streak:

“We tried to take those negative experiences and learn from it, trying as much as you can to turn it into a positive. You’re in th emidst of an eight-game losing streak, it gets pretty dark. But the great thing about the NBA is everything happens so quickly. You play eight games, that’s two weeks. You’re able to kind of get out of a funk, right the ship and just do a better job of executing down the stretch. I think obviouisly you never want to lose eight games in a row, but what we’ve learned in those eight games has helped us finish and execute here as of late.”

On Rodions Kurucs:

“Rodi’s been great all year, honestly. It’s just his energy when he comes off the bench, you know he’s going to play hard. You know he’s going to make hustle plays. The amount of times that he just gets the 50-50 balls, just happens to put himself in the right spot. He’s a great defender, athletic offensively, great at attacking the rim and again, he just provides a lot of energy for us.”

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