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Turnover battle key to victories, not surprisingly

So often NBA games come down to a handful of plays within a game, sometimes fewer than a handful. Early season indicators prove the Brooklyn Nets can’t afford to lose the turnover battle.

After Tuesday night’s win, the Brooklyn Nets rank 25th out of 30th in the NBA in turnover percentage at a rate of 15.3 times per 100 possessions.

Anybody looking at this can see that this is not a recipe for success, regardless of how many 3-pointers the Nets can make. Currently the Nets rank sixth in 3-point attempts per game, and ninth in 3-point percentage, which are both good signs for the way the NBA game is transitioning.

Nonetheless, the Nets are struggling in the turnover department, especially in losses.

For the Nets, five out of their six losses this year came in games where they lost the turnover battle.

What makes these losses even more excruciating for Nets fans is that losses to the Warriors, Rockets, Pistons, and Pelicans all came down to the wire, where a few turnovers throughout the game, swung momentum and ultimately could have changed the result of the game.

I know everybody killed D’Angelo Russell for his ill-advised, late game, no-look pass, and rightfully so, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. That was just one of the Nets’ 18 turnovers, compared to the Pelicans’ 11.

Games that could and should have been won by the Nets turned into losses, losses that can absolutely decimate the psyche of a young team, which the Nets are.

That’s why the turnover battle is important; these early losses can come back to haunt the Nets later on in the year as they battle for a playoff spot.

It is to the complete contrary in games that the Nets have won. In four out of the five games in which saw the Nets win, they have won (or tied vs. Detroit) the turnover battle.

More recently, in a game against the 76ers last Sunday evening, the Nets were able to absolutely destroy the 76ers in the turnover margin, as they forced 28 turnovers and only surrendered nine turnovers themselves.

This is a prime example of winning the turnover game and also getting a blowout decisive victory in the process.

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It’s still early, but it looks like there is a direct correlation with the Nets winning and how the turnover battle plays out. Fewer turnovers means more shots, more points and ultimately more wins.

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